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Realistic and Historic Christianity

Realistic Christianity One of the serious misrepresentations about Christianity is to present it as a form of “human escapism.” That is to view it as a religious and psychological expression of man’s attempt to escape from the reality of the “here” and “now”.

Historical and Archeological Evidence Supports Christian Claims

Biblical claims are huge but as this article reveals, historical and archeological evidence is in plentiful supply for all who want to discover the truth.

Angel on the Stairs

We’d always planned to have four children, but by 1992, our three children were already 14, 9 and 5, so when my husband and I spoke about having that fourth baby, we both felt we’d left it too late. We went to bed that night quite content with our decision not to have any more children, but the next morning, we’d both changed our minds!

Easter: A True Story

Easter represents the 3 day period in which the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ took place. In his article Easter: A True Story, Professor James Pounder says he refers to it as ‘a time in history’ because the events are a historical reality. Here he shares of why he can say that with such confidence.

You Too Can Walk on Water

Wow! That’s a bold claim, but is it actually true? Well, Jesus, walked on water didn’t He? Of course, you might now be thinking, but he walked as the Son of God. This is true, so as impressive as His walk may have been, it’s not something that we mere mortals can aspire to, or is it?

Former Muslim Radical Explains Why He Traded Jihad for Jesus

Jay used to dream about killing Christians and Jews in terror attacks around the world, but that all changed when he met Jesus. Jay grew up in a conservative Muslim family in Afghanistan. In 2001, when he was just 15-years-old, he fled to the UK to escape the fighting between US forces and the Taliban, the Christian Post reported. However, when he came to Britain, he found himself becoming gradually attracted to the same radical extremism he fled in Afghanistan.

Are You Willing to Go if God Calls You? Thoughts on Our Mission as We Follow Jesus

I’m always fascinated to hear unbelievers today arguing that while they do not believe Jesus to be God, he nevertheless seemed to be a pretty nice guy—and a great moral teacher at that.

The Victor Marx Story: A God Who Restores All Things

In Philippians 4, Paul reminds us to think about whatever is true, right, pure and praiseworthy. Because it’s all too easy to get sucked into the cultural craziness around us, or to succumb to the pain and suffering we witness or experience every day.

Billy Graham, whose ‘matchless voice changed the lives of millions,’ dies at 99

Evangelist Billy Graham — a confidant to presidents, a guiding light to generations of American evangelicals and a globe-trotting preacher who converted millions to Christianity — died Wednesday at the age of 99, his spokesman confirmed to CNN.

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